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Gottlieb Development LLC

Gottlieb Development LLC is the owner of the Gottlieb®, D. Gottlieb & Co.®, and Premier trademarks, USA nos. 1403592, 2292766, 3288024, and 3662840 (and other numbers in other countries), and related copyrights, all pertaining to Gottlieb® pinball products.  We are always on the look-out for licensing opportunities.  If you need our valuable license in connection with your pinball-related product, contact us now!

Our exclusive producer for Gottlieb® Reproduction Software in the form of EPROMs, PROMs, and other devices is:

John's Jukes Ltd.

Our exclusive distributor for Gottlieb® parts and documentation is:

Steve Young's The Pinball Resource

Our distributors for Gottlieb® Reproduction Pinball Backglasses, Plastic Sets, and Playfields are:

Ron and Nancy Webb  

The Shay Arcade Group Inc.

Classic Playfield Reproductions

For Gottlieb® - themed clothing and collectibles, be sure to visit:

Arcade Novelties


For printed circuit boards emulating the Gottlieb® System 80 and 80A MPU boards, check out:

Rottendog Amusements 


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